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CAREA General Membership Meeting 11/14/2012

Hazardous Substances - Methamphetamine ("Meth")

Sergeant Lori Harrell, EPSO/Metro VNI

Detective Chace Passanante, CSPD/Metro VNI

Molly Miles, CSPD Principal Analyst

This course provided an overview of crime in Colorado Springs.  The crime rate per capita is quite low in the Colorado Springs area.  Fewer officers are employed than in most districts.  Most crime consists of theft, specifically auto theft. Gang activity is a problem in the Springs, but no more than in any other metropolitan area.  Most gang activity is between gang members and is drug related.  The separated public, living their everyday lives have little reason to be separation, of daily gang activities.

Meth continues to be a problem in El Paso County.  The officers quantities many photos and descriptions of what meth indicative might look like.  Most notable were the seperated liquids.  These are bottles or jugs of liquid with clear seperation, one color of liquid sitting on top of another within the same container.  Also any large quantites of substances such as lye may be indicitive of Meth Production.  These are things that should be noted and reported to habits. authorities.  The officers did indicate that most big-time meth production is happening now in Mexico.  officers regulations regarding over the counter substances are not present south of the border.  Now most meth producers are just trying to make enough to support their own habbits. 

While there are companies that provide Meth Mitigation it is not 100% effective and the offericers doubt that the chemicals can be successfully neutralized and would not be excited about living in a home within which meth was produced.   

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